What’s all this?

You may be forwarded on here from drew3000.net at long last. I actually retired that old site some time ago where it had been so I could put it somewhere that gave me a bit more shell access so I could try exploding it in new ways. I decided at the time to also mostly retire the domain, which was essentially the first username I’d ever created on a website somewhere back in 1994. As far as self-referential in jokes go, that one went on long enough.

This site is now self run, and hosted on Vultr. I’ve also moved both andrewfordlyons.com and poison.kitchen to Github repos, here and here, respectively. Both are in serious need of a redo, but thus ends my time in control panel hell, and reliance on disinterested support ticket jockeys. I’ve parked dystopia.report on Firebase, but as soon as I start using it that will likely move over to something more usable as well.

Treacherous Tech is not about the Web We Want, with it’s groovy FOSS platforms, open source bootstrap enthusiasm, privacy-friendly ethos and hunky dory data protections and user-first attitude. It’s about navigating and using and surviving the Web We’ve Got. The backdoored one, the tracking-your-every-click one, the one that’s used to find the security flaw in your internet connected fridge so it can join the botnet that’s DDOSing human rights organisations. It’s not the scruffy one patched together by hackers and engineers with lofty ideas of connected the world, but by charlatans, snake oil paddlers and monopolists looking to created digital bantustans and data sink pits. It’s an internet that steer users into casinos instead of libraries and where billions are spent on better understanding human behaviour to make people buy more shoes or vote for Republicans.

Technology running much of our lives on autopilot is both necessary and inherently untrustworthy. Here I hope to cause you to lose sleep over what I lose sleep over. And then get over it and use it better.


Yours Truly