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Put here on 28 Feb, 2019

Hello friend. That's still the pop-culture hacker greeting of choice, yes? Anyway, welcome to the current incarnation of le blog. I have made and destroyed several before this one, and one day it too will join the digital pyre of wiped bits. More on that, here.

For what it's worth, you may want to know who has banged out these words. I'm a London-based technologist working in digital safety and platform and online infrastructure security with journalists, media outles, civil society groups, human rights defenders and various other types working on their own kinds of frontlines.

My users are the edge cases; folks a lot of platform creators haven't bothered to do much persona work around when thinking about UX, let alone threat models. I've previously been a commercial digital developer, a journalist and a teacher. I've also stocked shelves, made sandwiches, painted houses and tended bar. I'm from the U.S., and seem to become farther from it with each passing year. This site's content may often be about tech and its uses and consequences, but will often drift into whatever else the brain fever mandates. .

Dislaimers, caviats, excuses and an overall mea culpa

This is a personal website run and operated by yours truly. Any views, perspectives, notions, opinions, theories, hypotheses, conspiracies, reviews, recipes, spells, incantations, curses, hexes, lyrics, poetry, riddles, prophesies, annectdotes, yarns, rumours, legends, myths, mythos, balleds, tall tales, information presented as either fact or fiction that can be found on web pages hosted on this domain are the results of my own overly caffineated brain, and often too-fast and unnessarily loud typing. Spelling mistakes or bad grammar, too. All mine, and mine alone. Unless otherwise noted, of course. Like if there's a quote from someone else then that would be attributed (to that person, I mean). Or a guest blog post (won't happen) would then have the byline (of that author) accompanying it. But, I digress. You may think these things go without saying, but these are not the times when things go without saying. My views are my own, as anyone else's views are her or his or their or your own. You may not like them. You're not obliged to read them, adopt them or even take them very seriously. It's okay. Relax. Breathe.

Where to find me

The internet is my website.

The socials

There are a smattering of social profiles out there. I've sometimes made accounts on platforms just to see what they do. These days I'm deleting them faster than I make them. Here are the ones I actually bother to check in on…

A twitter / A linkedin / A keybase

The other websites

This here site you're on right now is my blog, but there are some other (mostly neglected at present) projects out there.

  • is meant to be a sort of CV website. One day it will be.
  • is a creepily named journalism project I occasionally think about moving forward on mostly aimed at source protection tools, practices, principles and standards. (it may be important to note that the name is in reference to The Munich Post, look it up.)
  • is another project I occasionally re-invision after buying the domain on a bit of a whim, and may/will one day be a science fiction site of sorts.

You send me

Here are a few ways you can find out how to reach me, if that's something you're really committed do doing. I have a number of encrypted app accounts, emails and various OTR, XMPP, or whatever protocal tickles your fancy, but for first contact, let's keep it simple until you decide if you like the reply you get, should one happen.

  1. If you have a Keybase account, you can send me an encrypted message here
  2. I have a pgp key tied to a few email addresses with which I'm already publicly associated, here.
  3. You can @ me on Twitter saying you want a word.


This is the section where I make it easy for people to ship me cash.

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