Some notes and clippings on the present decline

Just dumping a few salient points here on the resurgent populism hard push for a disastrous economic and social experiment in the UK known as “Brexit”. I managed to be in Europe when the last Exit from the EU was planned, on 29th of March. Now that it’s been moved to Halloween, I’ve again managed to find reason to be in an EU country on the day. If/when the UK does actually find itself out in the cold, I just want to be in the EU on the day.

One aspect of a coup is when a compliant press adopts government official talking points and takes particular aims at its critics.
Here’s a profoundly detailed look at Britain’s current trajectory and where it fits into historical context, by historian Richard Evans.
London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s editorial on the 80th anniversary of the start of World War II reads like it could have been something written at the time.

There may very well be coming a lesson that the sort of catastrophes that people in The West think are relegated to the ‘developing world’ are very possible right at home. Every country is only ever a couple bad policy decisions away from being a failed state, or a totalitarian one.