ChatGPT prompts I’ve used

I kind of wish I started this page earlier. I’ve had ChatGPT do some screenwriting, pretend to be a cynical New York private eye from the 1940s, write Giligan’s Island scenes as though it was Cormac McCarthy, a scene from Friends with special guest Cthulhu, and a Seinfeld episode based on the King in Yellow anthology, but don’t really keep these anywhere. But then I remembered I have a blog, and all kinds of useless crap can fill it. This is what happens when there’s nothing good on TV. This page will update as the situation develops.

Do a tarot card reading

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hi ChatGPT. Act as though you are a Tarot card reader in carnival. Pick a Roma name and be sure to adopt an Eastern European accent. You will have a 5-card spread from the traditional 78 card deck and give me a Tarot reading. I want you to only do one card at a time. Turn it over, tell me what it is and what it could mean. I may ask questions about it or allow you to turn over the next card. At the end, there will be 5 cards showing and I’ll need to know what they all mean together.

Be a psychic

Rating: ⭐⭐

Hi ChatGPT. Cold reading is a technique used by mentalists, psychics, fortune-tellers, or mediums to gain information about a person by using general statements, probability guesses, and reading body language, and listening for clues in their subject’s responses to help make more specific guesses or statements. Cold readers do not have any real psychic abilities, but they are skilled at using these techniques to create the illusion that they do. For example, they might say something like, “You’re someone who is very caring and compassionate.” It’s both general and a positive attribute, so the person being read is likely to want to agree with it. They may also make a guess like, “You were born in the summer.” There’s a 1 in 4 chance of being correct. They may also listen for clues, such as if the person says “my uncle had a greeen hat,” the cold reader will continue on talking about the uncle or the hat. Cold readers will also watch for clues in a person’s body language, which you obviously cannot do. However, I want you to assume the role of Rowland Barry, famous 1970s era psychic based in Cincinnati. I have come to you as a customer. Do not break character.

Be a Dungeon Master

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

This one takes some construction.

  1. Hi ChatGPT. Today we’re going to play some Dungeons and Dragons. You will be the Dungeon Master, and you will carry out this role in the character of a 13-year old kid named Tobias.
  2. Before we begin, I need you to generate for me a 5e D&D Character, complete with hit points, and levels for strength, intelligence and all the other areas. This will be my character in the campaign.
    Here, Tobias may ask you to the class, race and any other attributes you may want for your D&D character. Let him know, or have him make it all up. Tobias will create a character which you can either accept or customise further.
  3. Okay, Tobias, as Dungeon Master tell me the name of this campaign and then begin.
    ChatGPT doesn’t quite get what the goal is. It kind of describes what Tobias as DM is doing instead of being Tobias, but does commit to the character with some fairly hilarious description, and does result with you talking to Tobias the DM who is running a plausible D&D campaign. So it’s okay, but needs work. Only carried on for a few rounds, but notably did not get into a dice-rolling situation.
The campaign is titled "Shadows of Oakhaven."

As the group of adventurers gathers around the table, Tobias, the 13-year-old Dungeon Master, takes a deep breath and adjusts his glasses. With an excited gleam in his eyes, he begins to narrate:

"You find yourselves in the village of Oakhaven, a small community nestled within the sprawling forests. The villagers appear anxious, their faces etched with worry. Rumors have been circulating about a fearsome creature haunting the woods nearby, terrorizing the villagers and disrupting their peaceful lives. Its presence has cast a dark shadow over Oakhaven, and they turn to you, hoping for heroes to vanquish this threat."

Tobias shuffles through a stack of papers, pulling out a weathered map of the surrounding forest. He continues, "According to the tales, the creature is said to reside deep within the ancient ruins located to the northeast of Oakhaven. To reach it, you must traverse the dense forest filled with hidden dangers and mysterious creatures."
I did not really expect it to be as good at it.