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I don't have a contact form on this page. There isn't an email I feel like sharing openly, either. Instead of that, here are a few places where I can be pinged, and if necessary/interesting, we can work out better, more secure ways to chat.

  • Here's me on Twitter. See what I rant about, or send me a DM.
  • Here's me on LinkedIn. Find out what kinds of things I have and do work on.
  • Here's a keybase page. If you're on Keybase, you can send me an encrypted message here. It's not very anonymous, though.
  • I am also on Wire, on the @droo handle for encrypted messages, and it's easy to make a disposable account.
  • I have a Matrix.Org account and you can use an interface such as Element to securely reach me with, and pretty anonymously, too. 
  • Here's a PGP key, if you send encrypted emails. Some people think it's too much trouble. 
  • Let's give an email address a go for a while and see what happens: get[at] (Psst, it's on Protonmail).
  • The (more) secure web form is back! Using the Tor Browser, you can visit http://entyms3fdn4fyl6lizog6hoztvaqkvv2njmcovslkm55xhahs7nnmiqd.onion and send notes or files. It's not the swiftest for large files, but you can include links, etc. there. Be sure to include contact information if you want to hear back.

Yours truly.

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