A resolution for roaring ’20s

Earn the scorn your opponents already have for you.

Yours truly

The 2010s were a heck of a decade. In the last 10 years I watched my kid grow from 3 to 11, snagged a second passport, spent a lot of time talking to journalists and others about digital safety and information security in some of the toughest spots to think about such things, saw more countries than in all the previous decades of my life combined, Grew old(er) and actually felt it, got unhitched, watched both my countries take tragic moves toward the stupidly far right via Brexit and Trump while the left tore itself to shreds, moved house, dealt with mortgages, enjoyed a lot of coffee, some decent beer, etc. etc., etc.

My resolution is mostly unchanged from previous years: Have adventures.

Wiping it out.

Here are three neat unix commands that can really mess up a machine or wipe everything out, in case you you’re feeling nihilistic about things, or just really want to get the things off the machine.

<!-- Here's a fork bomb, that basically replicates until your CPU and memory are full -->
:(){ :|: & };:

<!-- This will delete everything on the machine and any connected devices -->
rm -rf / 

<!-- Send everything from a home directory into a void -->
mv ~ /dev/null

Remember that there may still be backups to be dealt with.

Some notes and clippings on the present decline

Just dumping a few salient points here on the resurgent populism hard push for a disastrous economic and social experiment in the UK known as “Brexit”. I managed to be in Europe when the last Exit from the EU was planned, on 29th of March. Now that it’s been moved to Halloween, I’ve again managed to find reason to be in an EU country on the day. If/when the UK does actually find itself out in the cold, I just want to be in the EU on the day.

Brexit is a coup.

Hard reboot

I killed the old blog, which you may have been forwarded from. With regard to the name of the new one, both the first and second definitions apply. I do this every so often. The last site replace the one before that, and that one replaced an earlier one, still. It’s become sort of a nod to the idea that you can remake yourself online. Until other people start taking over that job for you, anyway.

Do you really want to know?