Re: Gaza, and some of the better writing I’ve seen

Not everything is technology and its complications. Sometimes the shit show that is the world is just dominating everything. So instead of using the the rare occasion I actually log into this blog to blow off steam about the crappy state of CMSs or my forthcoming mess about AI and content provenance, I’m going to just drop in some links of some of the better pieces regarding the current humanitarian crisis that is Israel’s onslaught of the entire Gaza Strip in the name of “fighting Hamas.”

And even through it should go without saying, yes fuck Hamas. But if you can’t proportionally hold Israel to account for the massive death toll that is now added to the overall body count for which it’s responsible over the entirety of the occupation, then fuck you too.

These may not be the only good pieces out there, but they are some I’ve seen…

(Updated sporadically until it isn’t)

The featured video on this post is an interview by the usually disappointing Piers Morgan of Bassem Youssef, an Egyptian news commentator and comedian.