Doctor Frankenstein re-animating his creation
Dr. Frankenstein running git push to a new branch. Frankenstein, 1931

Testing on production

Hi. I killed my blog the other day. That's not why I haven't been posting so much. I mean, you can look at the date of the last post and realise my lack of blogging isn't down to technical difficulties. In other news, someone also unplugged my Raspberry Pi, killing some of my onion services. It was a whole thing, not worth getting into. Anyway, rebuilt it and now just seeing if my local repo is still connecting to my Github Pages via this Publii app so I can go back to ignoring it again for the usual reasons.

Yes, we're testing on prod!!! meme shows a suspicious girl standing in front of a house on fire. FLAMES!!!
"Say it with a meme." -- Hallmark

Site recovered in the duration of this track:


This article was updated on 22 September 2021